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Author Topic: Old Timer kits  (Read 612 times)
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« on: October 02, 2016, 10:25:05 AM »

Hello All,
I intend to sell the my remaining 1/72 models having in stock. I hope you can find some interesting kit for you.
Below the stock :
 A-model          Jak-1 Late                 10€
A-model          Jak-4                    18€         
A-model          Jak-2                  18€
Specila Hobby Polikarpov    R-Z Natasha               10€
A-model          Beriev Be-2               20€
A-Model          Di-6                  20€
Maquette          Iljusin DB-3               20€
Parc              Polikarpov R-5               10€
MPM             SB-2 M-100               10€
Toko             Bell P-63 A               10€
Pavla             Neman R-10               10€
Eduard             La-7                   10€
Alfa             Jak R-12               15€
Alfa             Jak-6                  10€
Alfa             Jak-4 it is started , if you finish it is      1€
Pavla              Curtis  O-52 it is started , if you finish it is    1€
Avia              MBR-2                  15€
Unknown manufacturer
Vacuum modell          Jermolaiev Jer-2            5€
Vacuum modell         Jakovlev Jak-2M            3€
Formaplane Vacuum      MBR-2                   5€
Plasticard          Iljushin Il-4               5€

MPM Vacuum         Polikarpov R-5               5€
MPM Vacuum         Kocserigin Kor-1             5€
ICM            TB-3                  30€
ICM            TB-3 Zveno               40€
A-model         Pe-8                  40€
Zvezda             Pe-8                  20€
MPM Vacuum         SB-2                  15€
MPM Vacuum         Polikarpov I-16               5€
MPM Vacuum         Polikarpov I-153            5€
Karo As            Lavocskin La-5               5€

It is possible that at  a few model the cockpit is aged and it became yellow instead of water clear.
The original model boxes are not untouched as during the years I have opened them and also I had changed some time my living place int he past 30 years what has destroyed the boxes..
If you are interested in any of these I will send you some photo about.
The prices are w/o delivery cost.
Personally you can take over your favourit during the Plastik Zima Bratislava (November 2016) , Bolyai model kit competition in Budapest (8th Oct.2016.) or during the Mosonshow in Mosonmagyarσvαr (April 2017).

Good hunting

Istvαn Vadαsz
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